Life is a ride.
Make it a good one.


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You are just a couple of steps away from your perfect ride.

Please note:

  1. Before you go for your first ride, make sure that your scooter functions properly. Test it and analyze it carefully by lifting your scooter up and slowly pushing the throttle. If you feel that something sounds weird, or the scooter back wheel is grinding, then your bmc-scooter was most probably not mounted correctly. You can go to our Build it page and check the steps again or if that doesn’t help shoot us an e-mail from the Contact section in the About Us page. Our engineers are here to help.
  2. Also don’t go full throttle on your first ride. Check on low speeds if your scooter functions properly.
  3. Feel free to modify your scooter to your needs. You can add LED lights or a second or third battery for higher ranges. Stay tuned and visit this website frequently, as there are a lot more scooter Add-Ons and tutorials to come.
  4. Let the world know about your crazy personal scooter. Share your passion with others, and discuss your performance properties on social networks. You can reach our fans by using our hashtag #bmc #bmcscooter #buildyourownescooter #lifeisaride #bmcminusscooterdotcom
  5. The rides captured on this website were performed by professionals. We recommend you to always wear a helmet and safety gear during your ride. Drive responsibly and ahead!
  6. In some countries it is prohibited to drive your bmc-scooter on public roads. Please check with your national legislature whether you can ride your vehicle on public roads. However, you can drive your scooter on private properties, campgrounds, and other private lands as long as the owner is ok with it.
  7. We wish you a safe ride.