Build it.

The Greyhound 70e SW

1st step: Remove the back wheel

Removing the back wheel of your scooter is easy. Check your back-wheel assembly and choose your tools accordingly. You will probably need a screwdriver and an Allen Key. Open the screws as shown in the picture below.


2nd step: Remove the brake

This step is a bit tricky. You will need a hammer and a pointy tool. It can be a pointy chisel or an old screw driver for example. Remove the brake from your scooter as shown in the picture below. Keep the spring and the pin holding the brake for later use.


3rd step: Put the bearings into your new wheel

Remove the bearings and bush from your old wheel and put it into your new pre-drilled wheel. The picture below shows the necessary steps.


4th step: Mount the wheel sprocket onto the new wheel

Assemble the wheel and the wheel sprocket as shown in the following picture. Make sure that all four screws are tightened equally (and not too tight).


This is what your finished wheel assembly should look like:


5th step: Mount the electric box onto the flat structure bar

Now take the electric box and mount it to the flat structure bar. Make sure you use washers and the anti-vibration nuts.


6th step: Assemble the motor parts

Take the four M3 counter sunk screws and mount the motor mount to the back of the electric motor. Then screw the shaft extension onto the front of the motor.


7th step: Mount the motor assembly onto the flat structure bar

Now take the motor assembly from the previous step and mount everything to the flat structure bar of step 5. (with the electric box) However, do not tighten the screws for now. You will need to adjust the position of the motor on the flat structure bar later on.


8th step: Mount the wheel onto the flat structure bars

In this step, you will bring the two structure bars and the wheel assembly plus chain together. Position the parts in the order shown in the picture below (don’t forget the chain). Take the four distance sleeves (two on each side) and use the sleeve screw from your original scooter with the M6x25 Flat Screw from the pack to fix everything together. You might need additional washers in the spots indicated below, in this case take some of the spare ones.


9th step: Mount the back assembly onto the scooters back end

Add your assembly to your scooters back end as shown in the following picture. Use the washers, nuts and bolts indicated and fasten them (not too tight as in the next step, you will need to adjust the position of your assembly in relation to your scooter.) Depending on the size of your scooters back end you might need some more or fewer washers. Just make sure that the wheel is in the middle of the two back holding fixtures.


The view from above:


10th step: Add the stabilizers

The stabilizers will give more stability to the whole assembly, especially in curves. Add them as shown in the following picture. You might need an additional pair of washer or completely go without them. Just make sure that your flat structure bars look straight and not bend.


11th step: Add the motor sprocket

To add the motor sprocket, loosen the chain by moving the motor horizontally towards the wheel. Important: Before you fix everything with the M6 nut make sure the chain is straight and in 90° degrees to the axis of the motor shaft. You might need some washers in addition to the O-ring shown in the picture below. In this case add them before and not after the O-ring on the shaft.


12th step: Mount the brake

Take the brake and the spring from your original scooter removed in step 2. Mount them as shown in the pictures below.

By mounting the brake, you will also fix your flat structure bars against rotations around the M8 bolts. Make sure you chose the right holes depending on the shape of your scooters back end.


View from the top:


13th step: Mount the battery

The battery is fixed with two cable binders. Add the cable binders to the flat structure bar as shown in the picture below. The wheel has been hidden for visibility purposes, no need to dismount the wheel :-).


14th step: Mount the thumb throttle

Follow the steps below to mount the thumb throttle. Note: Some steps can vary slightly depending on your scooter.


15th step: Connect all the wires

Please see our Wiring Diagram in the Theory page for details on how to connect the wires. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.