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Build your own e-scooter...

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The concept...

Design it.

Become an engineer! Yes you heard right...design your own e-scooter! Decide how you want to set it all up, decide what parameters you would like to focus on. Discover the physics behind your electric vehicle. Calculate the maximum speed you would like to achieve and choose your components accordingly. We will help you with your work throughout the process however the final results are up to you! Our e-scooter design is compatible with nearly every commercially available city scooter. Go and check our site today! >>

Build it.

Ok, you've designed your personal e-scooter, just ordered your electrical/mechanical components, and now you can't wait to assemble them? Right? Well, we can already tell you the parts will be at your door within 2-3 days. The assembley is easy and there are no special tools required. Every part needed is available in our online shop and for your convenience everything is presoldered and predrilled.  You don't have to worry about tooling, you get the "Plug&Play" feeling straight away.  Visit our site for manuals and instructions.>>

Ride it.

That feeling you get when you go for your first test ride...well soon you know what we're talking about. Once you've assembled your scooter you are ready for your first ride. You will be surprised on the power coming out that tiny little motor. Show your friends your work of art and challenge them on a given racetrack. But be careful, safety first! Post your results on facebook and compare your scooter to others! Hashtag #bmcscooter #bmc  #buildyourownscooter. Visit our online shop for extra features and improvements. There are many more things to discover!>>

What our customers say...

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Martin, 20 years from Munich
I've discovered bmc-scooter.com a year ago and I have been addicted to it ever since. The parts are of great quality and the manuals are easy to follow. I'm constantly improving my bmc-scooter and I am breaking new records. I love meeting up with friends to share my passion and my ideas with them.
Dec, 2015
Thomas, 23 years from Dortmund

absolutely addictive...

Feb, 2016
Mike, 18 years from London

...the acceleration is INSANE XDD...

 March, 2015

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